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Golfrisbee is the Disc type Frisbee for both Disc Golf and Disclub Golf.  Golfrisbee has the long distance drive capability as the disc does and the ultra-lift and drifting capability as the frisbee does.

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Golfrisbee is the disc for Disclub Golf.  The Golfrisbee is compatible with the disc for Disc Golf, too.


  1. Golfrisbee is mounted on the head of Disclub
  2. For the right-hand threw of the Disclub head, rotating golfrsibee clockwise to mount golfrisbee on disclub head
  3. For the long range throw of golfrisbee, the golfrisbee is locked with crank mechanism embedded in the disclub head and using the “Snap” force to swivel the disclub
  4. For the near range throw of golfrisbee, the golfrisbee is not locked with the crank mechanism embedded in the disclub head
  5. Golfrisbee is also can be thrown with the hand


  • Golfrisbee is compatible with disc of disc golf
  • PDcGA Professional Disclub Golf Association and  International YanYun Sport allow the Golfrisbee to play both in Disclub Golf and Disc Golf
  • the patented dual concave structure at the rim and the core gives the golfrisbee having both the long driving capability with ultra-lift and drifting capability for ultra-long drive
  • Just as the golf ball having the concaves on the surface of the ball, the dotted cave on the top of the golfrisbee gives a small launching angle to increase the long drive capability for the golfrisbee

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