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Disclub has three segments and it is made of the fiber carbon glass.

It is made of the top-class fish pole and golf club technology.


Disclub is the club for the Disclub Golf


  1. Disclub Golf is the hybrid of the Ball Golf and Disc Golf
  2. The Golfrisbee is mounted on the Disclub Head of Disclub
  3. The Disclub Head has two semi-circle screws to fit with the two semi-circle screws in the Golfrisbee Hat
  4. At the beginning of the mount of the golfrisbee, the golfrisbee is located at the extension line of the Disclub first;
  5. Rotating Golfrisbee in clockwise direction to have golfrisbee to be locked on the Disclub Head with the crank mechanism embedded in the Disclub Head
  6. Swiveling the Disclub, at the launching point, apply the snapping force to hit the Golfrisbee to fly into the sky


  • Disclub is 3-segments club
  • Disclub is the hybrid of the Golf Club and Fishing Pole
  • The Operation is like the semi-bow to shoot the arrow
  • To shoot the Golfrisbee far, it needs to use the snap force


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