Disclub Golf Set

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Disclub Golf Set is the standard approved by the Official International YanYun Sport, the Eastern Olympic Sport.


Disclub Golf is to play the Golf with the throw of disc with the swivel of Disclub.


  1. reducing or eliminating the sporting injuries of the elbow and shoulder, etc.
  2. disc golfing for young kids and old retired people, etc.
  3. family golfing activity for grandson and grandparent, etc.
  4. free golf without green fee, etc.
  5. disclub golf is safer than ball golf
  6. disclub golf is enjoyable to observe the flying disc than the ball of ball golf
  7. the flying trajectory of disc is more versatile than the ball


  • disclub golf is the extended sporting art of the disc golf
  • to play disclub golf well, it had better to be familiar with the sporting art of the disc golf
  • disclub golf is to emulate the hand-throw of the golf
  • the snap of hand-throw disc  needing to extend the snap of the disclub-throw disc
  • eventually, the disclub golf art is the merge of the ball golf art with the disc golf art




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