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Frequently Asked Question!

Disclub Golf is swiveling Disclub to launch the Golfrisbee to fly.

Disclub is the club to throw the disc.

Golfrisbee is the disc thrown with club.

The Disclub Golf is different sporting art from the disc golf.  The Disclub Golf is the high class sport as the golf does.  It is the sport for the old retired people.   It has no sporting injuries of  elbow and shoulder, etc.  On the contrary, the disc golf is for the young sporting man and it has the serious sporting injuries.

Yes, except the minor cavity for disclub head, it is fully compatible with the disc of disc golf.

80% of Disc Golfers have the sporting injuries of elbow and shoulder, etc.  The Disclub Golfer does not have the sporting injuries of elbow and shoulder, etc.

To throw more than 400 feet in disc golf course, the disc golfer has to use the snap force. The snap force causes the disc golfer having the sport injuries.

The snap force is the impulse.  The impulse is to change the momentum in the time limit approaching to zero.  It is the huge amount of force.  The huge force might tear off the muscle from the bone and it causes the permanent injury to body.

The disc golf is easier to be familiar with the behavior of disc and snap force.  Then apply these techniques to disclub golf.

The angle is similar to the disc angle as shown in the video  

FORM COMPARISON!! Why can I throw 100 feet further than Casey??

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